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2018-02-02 10:06:38
5 tips to get your home market ready!

Getting your home ready for the market can seem overwhelming, but we have some easy steps to get you started on the right track!

1. Pack away your seasonal items.
Roomy clostets and lots of storage are always key selling points in a home.  Your closet doesn't need to be a grand walk-in to be a good selling point either.  However a cluttered and crammed closet can be a large detourant make potential buyers feel like there wont be room for all of their items. An easy way to remedy this is to pack away any seasonal items that wont be used during the time you are listing, you will need to pack these items away when you move so double bonus to have a jump start on the packing! If you are listing in the winter feel free to pack away all of those shores sleeved shirts, shorts and beach towels for later use in your new space! Picking up some inexpensive shoe racks and bins are also a good way to make your storage look like it has plenty of space! Even the most awkward of closets can look useable when items are stored the correct way. 

2. Stuffed animals are a space eater!
They are cute and cuddly but they are also distracting to the eye! The majority of potential buyers begin their search for homes online. When they are clicking through pictures of your beautiful home the last thing you want them to get stuck on is the photo of your little darlings menagerie of fantastical fluffy critters overflowing from their bed, toy hammock, and toy chest. Let your kiddo pick out a couple very special animals to keep careful watch over their domain and pack the others away to give them a happy welcome in their new place! It will help help potential homeowners focus more on the size of your room and potential lay out of their furniture then the wild animal takeover happening in the stuffed critter zoo.

3. Collection or clutter?
Kids aren't the only ones that can have overwhelming collections. Some Realtors and home staging companies will tell you to put away all of your personal photos and effects, but this isn't always necessary. Look around your home with a critical eye. If you have a guest room that is filled with hundreds of porcelain dolls or baby dolls it may be a very good idea to pack these away for safe keeping. You want people to focus on the room, not the size of your collection. The same things goes for your photos. I'm not saying you have to pack every frame away and hide your families faces from the world. I am however suggesting that if you have so many photos on the top of your piano, end tables, dresser and night stand that you don't remember what the surface of said furniture looks like............ It's best to pack 90% of that away. Again pick only a couple of your very favorite tasteful photos to display. Walk through your home with an assessing eye. If you have more than 3 of the same item in any given room carefully wrap these treasures and put them away to display at your new place. Not only will you benefit from getting some early packing out of the way, but you will be showcasing the highlights of your space rather than distracting buyers with your fabulous collections.

4. Basic maintenance.
There are simple things that all home owners should take care of on a regular basis that if left undone can make potential buyers rethink making an offer or really drive down the amount that they are willing to pay. Cracked or peeling caulk, dinged up molding and door frames, squeaky hinges, lights that need to be replaced. All of these things can make a buyer question if there are deeper underlying problems if basic home maintenance hasn't been done. Believe it or not spending just a few bucks and a weekend to replace the caulk in your bathroom can go a long way into bringing in higher offers.

This one really should be a no brainer but you would be surprised. Give your home a really good deep cleaning and declutter before your Realtor comes to take pictures. You know how they say the camera adds 10 lbs? Well, clutter subtracts square footage in your pictures. I also promise you that if you don't think it's a big deal to keep countertops and floors clean for pictures and showings you are wrong. A sure fire way to detour potential buyers is to have an unkept house. Keep a basket handy that you can go through and pick up things off the floor quickly when you get a call for a showing. Don't leave piles of folded clothes on surfaces or dishes in the sink. Doing these tasks as they come up will keep them from feeling overwhelming and help your home be more appealing to families coming to walk through. You don't need to do a deep cleaning every day, simply maintain once you have done your initial deep cleaning and declutter.


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2018-02-02 10:06:38
5 tips to get your home market ready!

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