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2016-11-08 11:41:58
Are you ready to list?

We all know that selling your home can be a daunting process. As someone who just went through this WHOLE scenario & moved across country- Perhaps like me, some of the first things that go through your mind are...Where on earth do we start? Can we afford to give up equity in our home to REALTOR commissions?

I can honestly tell you that the answers to these questions are actually not as scary as you may think. 

Let's start with the first one on the list; Where do we start?

First and foremost if you are going to be buying and selling you are going to want to get pre-qualified for a loan to buy a new place.  The last thing that you want to have happen is selling you house only to find out that you can't qualify for a loan to buy. Most agencies now won't even begin the process of showing you properties until you have done this step, so five yourself some breathing room and do this one right away.  We work with several lending agencies that can help even the tough and unique cases.  Talking with one of our agents to have them help you pick the perfect lender from our preferred list is a great way to get off on the right foot.

Second you are going to want to double check that your home is picture ready. Once you have signed with an agent they are ready to move quickly to get your house on the market... this means photos and virtual tours. Don't go overboard with elaborate landscaping or remodels that are just going to take money out of your pocket.  You will however want to give everything a good scrub down and put on some fresh paint if it's been a while since you did touch-ups. Nothing turns potential buyers off from a property like walking into something that looks like it hasn't been maintained.  Our experienced agents are happy to come and help you identify the must do's on your list to get your property sold quickly.

Third you want to start interviewing REALTORs. Sometimes using the guy of some third cousin twice removed that knew so and so, but is going to give you a great deal isn't the best way to choose an agent to represent you and your home. You are going to want to find an agent who is a good fit for you.  Look carefully at their fee structure and don't be afraid to ask them about what they charge outside of that commission %.  You may be surprised to find that many agencies charge transaction fees that can really add up when it comes time to close your home.

That brings us to our next question, 'Can I afford to give up equity in my home for REALTOR commission and fees?' While most agency commission are around 6% and some going as high as 8% and not to mention that some charge an additional transaction fee, Assist 2 sell HomePointe Realty Team is completely unique. We are a FULL SERVICE agency with a unique fee structure that is lower then other traditional brokerages and we don't charge a transaction fee to BUYERS OR SELLERS! So what does that mean for you? If you go with us, it means that we do maximum marketing, and in some cases more than what a traditional agency provides for a fraction of the cost.  That helps you sell your home quickly while holding onto more of your hard earned cash!

We not only list your house on the MLS as well as popular home search websites. We also utilize multiple social media networks to make sure that your home gets maximum exposure. We offer virtual tours online and color fliers on your listing.  People really do drive by your property and take them! In short we know how hard you as the home owner work to make make your property beautiful and we want to see you happy when your home sells and have that hard earned cash in your bank account.  

Getting your property ready to list can be easy as pie if you have the right steps to follow and the right agent standing beside you through the whole process!

This link can help you break down all of those little things that need to be done and help make them more manageable. 

Planning to Sell? The Homeowners checklist

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Are you ready to list?

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